iOS 17 Features for Digital Nomads

... right at your feet, wherever they may be...

We’ve  been playing with iOS17 for a few weeks now - we can’t get enough of new tech - and we reckon it’s perfect for remote working. It’s got loads of new features that make doing things on the go even easier. So, we thought we’d get the lowdown from the horse’s mouth, or mouths in fact. So we asked 3 of our very own Loop Mobile digital nomads what new features they’re into.

“Mountains, beaches and everything in between”

Journaling APP iOS 17 for iPhone

I can’t get enough of nature. I might work in tech, but I live for the countryside. Exploring is in my blood and I love sharing adventures with my friends and family. So when iOS17 came out I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few things I’d heard about.

The most exciting is the all-new Journaling app. When my work’s done, I update my travel blog and this app has been a game changer. In a nutshell, it’s like my journaling mentor! Using its on-device machine learning, my iPhone creates suggestions about moments to remember and write about. It’s all based on the photos I’ve taken, music I’ve listened to and more. It’s almost as magical as the places themselves!

And it doesn’t stop there. My blog has never looked so fun thanks to Live Stickers. Basically, it’s a new feature where you can use your own photos to make super cool stickers. All you have to do is choose something from a photo, I’m a sucker for all the dogs I meet. Then add a fun effect - Shiny, Puffy, Comic or Outline. And if you take a Live Photo you can make a Live Sticker, mind blown! My blogs have never looked so cool and I’ve never spent so much time playing with photos!

“Van-life for life!”

NameDrop for iPhone iOS17

I love being free and never being tied down, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be connected. And with iOS17 it’s never been easier or better.

The most useful feature so far has been the Adaptive Audio. It’s brilliant for meetings and catching up with my mum! Using my AirPods Pro, my iPhone can lower outside noise, adjust the volume depending on how loud it is where I am and there’s even ‘Conversation Awareness’ that turns down my media volume if it hears me talking. I can even mute and unmute - always need that - with just a tap. It’s all amazing and means I can hear exactly what everyone’s saying no matter where I am. Perfect for sounding  professional in front of all the desk warriors!

And I don’t just sound good, I’m looking good too - thanks to iOS17’s Continuity Camera. It lets me use my iPhone as a camera and start a call directly from the Facetime app on my Apple TV.  It has all the FaceTime features and even lets me use Centre Stage on my iPhone camera so I’m always right in the middle of the frame. Certainly helps me show off the amazing views I’ve got rocking behind me - very cool.

The other feature I’m loving and it’s not a biggie but it's super useful, is  iOS17 Maps now shows me new charging stations for my iPhone. It’s brilliant for keeping my phone topped up and saving on the van’s power. Life saver! In fact, all of iOS17 makes van life even sweeter.

The last feature I love is really simple but really useful. It’s called NameDrop and it lets me swap numbers and email addresses with all the people I meet. I just hold my iPhone next to theirs - like a digital fist pump. It’s so easy and means I never lose the deets of all the amazing places I visit. All-in-all I’m super chuffed with iOS17 - it’s like having a brand new phone!

A local in every city



I can’t get enough of exploring new cities. The sights, the sounds, the people. I love being able to just go where I want when I want. And what’s great about iOS17 is that it has some cutting edge tech that lets me do that.

My absolute fav so far is Visual Look Up. It’s so clever. When you see something new just get it on video, pause it and tap and hold on the thing you want to know more about. Amazing. Food, landmarks, anything - it’s brilliant for finding out about cities. And it really helps me create really cool content. It’s like having your very own guide book without having to know the name of anything first!

Although I love exploring, I do have to work too! And there's a new feature that really speeds things up - Autofill Verification. It’s just like codes sent on SMS but this is all through Mail. It’s so simple to log in to my work servers now. Just ask for the code, get it via email, iPhone drops it in and - boom - I’m in. And completely secure.

Lockdown Mode_ Apple iOS17 for iPhone

But if I ever felt like things weren’t secure - and being on the road using loads of different WIFI accounts that could happen - iOS17 has got my back with Lockdown Mode. It’s an extreme protection feature which keeps my iPhone safe from hackers and scammers. Accessed through my settings, it shuts down certain features and apps. From only getting Facetime calls from people I know to limiting WIFI to really secure accounts, it gives me the ultimate peace of mind to know I’m in control. It means I can worry about finding the next delicious main course for my blog and forget about everything else. iOS17 just makes being a digital nomad even better!

Stick around to find out more iOS 17 cool application for us lucky enough to be able to work remote. And remember, you don’t have to have the latest iPhone to enjoy the latest iOS tech and that Loop offers the best tech for digital nomads at the best prices, while guaranteeing incomparable quality!