At Loop, we are the ONLY company that can tell you EXACTLY how much CO₂ you save per device.

Make a choice to shape the future of our planet.

Take action.

Join the movement.

Get your CO₂ Loop certificate now.

When you opt for refurbished tech from Loop, you're not just making a smart decision for yourself; you're making a powerful choice for a greener world. By doing so, you reduce your climate impact by a staggering 97%*. It's the little choices that lead to a big change.

*Compared to buying brand new.

Shape the future.

One device at a time.

Buying refurbished tech isn't just about getting the best deal, it’s about consciously deciding to do something good for the environment.

The initial manufacturing phase accounts for around 80% of a phone’s negative environmental impact. That's avoided with refurb. So, with every tap, swipe and call you make on one of our refurb devices, you’re making a positive impact, reducing e-waste, conserving precious resources like water and lowering your carbon footprint.

Thanks to the choice our customers have made, we’ve been able to make a massive difference already:

0 tonnes
of CO₂ saved
0 billion
gallons of water saved
0 kg
less e-waste in our
landfills and oceans

How do we know how much CO₂ is saved?

Unlike other circular tech companies, we’re in control of the whole refurbishment cycle. We've also done an in-depth study to track our CO₂ missions at every step of our refurb process. That means we're the only circular tech company who know the exact CO₂ savings of each of our devices.

Through our partnership with Greenly, a leading carbon management platform, we measure the environmental footprint of your device throughout its entire lifecycle. This means that we can provide you with a certificate which tells you your CO₂ impact when you buy a device from us. That's something that no-one else in the market gives you.

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Apple Watch
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Your CO₂ impact certificate.

What does this include?

We provide you with a certificate that shows you the exact CO₂ emissions of the particular device you are interested in when you buy it from Loop vs buying it new. This gives you the exact amount of CO₂ you saved by choosing to buy refurbished!

We are very proud that we can guarantee this CO₂ saving and you should be very proud that you made the right choice; the green choice.

Be proud and share your certificate for everyone to see!

How do we calculate this?

To calculate how much CO₂ you’re saving with each refurbished device you purchase, we've conducted a Life Cycle Assessment with Greenly. This rigorous process allows us to measure the environmental impacts generated by a device throughout its lifecycle; from the extraction of raw materials when it's made, all the way through to disposal at the end of its life, including manufacturing, use, and in our case refurbishment.

So, when we tell you how much CO₂e* you've saved, rest assured it’s not just our best guess, unlike lots of other companies out there.

*Based on average emissions saved across all products Loop Mobile serves in the US, excluding any repairs, usage and disposal of the device.

What do these CO₂ savings really mean though?

Well, to help put it into perspective, we've built a fun tool to help you visualise how much CO₂ you could save with any of our refurbished devices.

To find out, just tell us which devices you're interested in, how many you'd like, and we'll tell you the equivalent weight in animals!

For example, refurbishing 1 iPhone saves on average 61kg of CO₂ – that's the weight of 1 rhino calf!


The positive environmental impact of refurbished devices.

68 kg
Saving of CO₂ per smartphone
The CO₂ saving from 100x refurbed devices is the equivalent to a car driving
20,000 miles
244 kg
Saving of raw materials mining per smartphone
The raw material saving from 100x refurbed devices is the equivalent to
20 cars
76,000 litres
Saving of water per smartphone
The water saving from 100x refurbed devices is the equivalent to
95,000 baths
Saving of waste per smartphone
The waste saving from 100x refurbed devices is the equivalent to
20 bags of sugar

With Loop, you know exactly what you’ll get —


When you receive your refurbished device from Loop, you can trust that it’s been through a 75-point quality check, including ensuring the battery has at least 80% capacity. And if something isn’t working quite right and we have to fix it, we only use genuine replacement parts to ensure it performs like new.

We believe in informed choices, enabling you to embrace ecofriendliness without breaking the bank. This is why we grade every device to make it easy peasy for you to find what you’re after at a price you can afford. Find our more about our grades here.

The journey of your new device.

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All our packaging is

100% sustainable.

100% recycled. 100% recyclable. It’s just another way we - and you - can make a positive step towards a greener future.

Showcasing our environmental commitments.

Loop for the Ocean.

A partnership with the Marine Conservation Institute.

At Loop we recognised the unprecedented challenges faced by our oceans: overfishing, pollution, climate change, and habitat destruction. Marine ecosystems and their rich biodiversity, as well as the well-being of millions, continue to hang in the balance.

We therefore worked with the Marine Conservation Institute to deliver our “Loop for the Ocean” campaign for ocean protection awareness and a sustainable future, by donating 5% of every sale to the institute to spark a powerful movement for change.

We’re committed to working closely with environmental organisations on future campaigns to continue to safeguard our planet and the precious life living on it.

Our partners, past and present.

Greenly is a large supporter in the fight against global warming. Their technology helps businesses like Loop Mobile to tackle their own carbon emissions. Their Carbon Management Platform allows companies to measure and manage their CO₂ emissions and to take steps to reduce them.

Thanks to Loop’s partnership with Greenly we can certify CO₂ emissions of every device you buy from us, ensuring traceability of your positive actions to fight climate change.

Marine Conservation Institute is dedicated to securing permanent, strong protection for the oceans’ most important places - for us and future generations.

As a leader in the global movement to protect vast ocean areas, the Institute uses the latest science to identify important marine ecosystems, advocate for their protection, and measure progress towards effective, sustainable marine protection. Our Loop for The Ocean campaign supported this movement.

Volunteer cleanup.org engages volunteers to cleanup their neighbourhoods, shorelines and waterways as a way to raise awareness around marine debris and encourage people to reduce their reliance on singleuse plastics.

Together, we hosted a large Beach Cleanup Day in Miami as well as raising money by match funding a 5% discount that we offered customers on their Apple favourites.

Highlighting our most sustainable products.

We’ve curated a selection of refurbished devices based on their CO₂ savings.
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Enter the world of circularity.

Circularity is a closed loop economic model that keeps resources in use for as long as possible. The idea being that reusing, repurposing and recycling materials and products reduces waste and pollution, while creating new business opportunities and economic benefits.

The Solution

At Loop Mobile we’re all about circularity, keeping things in a loop for the planet. We take those new gadgets, refurbish them and give them a second life. This isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s also a win for the Earth. We’re not just saving resources, we’re teaching people about minimising e-waste, and encouraging everyone to be more mindful about what they buy.

Everyone can help create a sustainable future

Contribute to the battle against climate change by opting for refurbished technology. This allows you to acquire the superior-spec products you desire, saves you money and assures you that your choices are a meaningful and measurable step towards promoting sustainability.