Best Black Friday Deals for 2023


This Black Friday, Loop Mobile isn't just slashing prices—we're cutting carbon footprints too. In an unprecedented move, we're combining wallet-friendly deals with planet-friendly initiatives. Every purchase you make isn't just a step towards owning the latest tech; it's a leap towards a more sustainable world. We've decided to include not only claims of quality and budget-friendly alternatives to new tech but also CO2 emission saving per device, empowering you to see the tangible environmental impact of your choices. With Loop, you're not just saving money; you're participating in a movement that saves the planet.

Eco-Conscious Deals with Loop

Every device at Loop Mobile comes with a promise of performance and a pledge to preserve. When you save 70% off the price of buying new, you’re also contributing to massive CO2 savings! This Black Friday- Cyber Monday weekend, we’re amplifying those savings with up to 10% off selected Apple Devices and accessories like iPhone and iPad Cases, plugs and more,  marrying eco-savings with incredible discounts. 


Best Black Friday Deals for 2023


Apple Watch Series 7: The Advanced Guardian


Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7

Upgrade your wrist with the advanced Apple Watch Series 7, available this Black Friday. Beyond the larger display and increased durability, it represents a commitment to environmental responsibility, with 99% CO2 savings. Your purchase is a statement that you value forward-thinking technology and sustainable living.

When buying from Loop, you’re always saving up to 70% off the price of new, and this Black Friday Weekend, you can save 10%  more with the purchase of your refurbished Apple Watch Series 7!!

Protective Cases: Style Meets Security

Complement your iPhone with a stylish and secure Apple case at a 50% discount when you purchase an iPhone during our Black Friday event. These original Apple cases are brand new and will protect your device, ensuring longer life and less waste—aligning with Loop Mobile's vision for a sustainable tech ecosystem.


Genuine Apple Accessories

Sustainable Tech for Today and Tomorrow

Loop Mobile is dedicated to offering you the best in technology with the least impact on the environment. Our Black Friday deals are just the beginning. By choosing to shop with us, you're joining a movement that looks beyond the checkout. Every device, every accessory, and every choice is an opportunity to save on costs and carbon. Dive into our eco-efficient world of tech this Black Friday- Cyber Monday weekend by visiting our d website and take pride in a purchase that's as smart for your wallet as it is for the world. Shop now!


Black Friday Deals

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