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Refurbished iPhone 11

Unlock the potential of the Refurbished Apple iPhone 11, now available through Loop Mobile: Exceptional Performance Meets Unbeatable Value.

Benefiting the Environment and Your Pocket:
A refurbished Apple iPhone 11 is not only a fantastic smartphone in terms of performance and value, but it's also a choice that benefits both the environment and your wallet. When you choose a refurbished device, you're participating in a sustainable practice by giving a smartphone a second life. This means fewer electronic devices end up in landfills, reducing electronic waste and its impact on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Refurbishment:
Our fully tested and meticulously refurbished iPhone 11 models have undergone expert restoration by our on-site technicians. This process includes recycling and reusing components, ensuring that the device is in excellent working condition. Reverting it to factory settings guarantees that it's ready to impress with like-new performance. By choosing a refurbished iPhone 11, you contribute to a more sustainable future.

Exceptional Performance with Unbeatable Value:
The refurbished iPhone 11 offers an outstanding blend of remarkable performance and unbeatable value. It's powered by the formidable Apple A13 Bionic chip, which not only ensures speedy responsiveness but also consumes less power, leading to extended battery life. This device handles everything, from casual web browsing to demanding app usage, with ease, enhancing your productivity and enjoyment.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Powered by the formidable A13 Bionic chip, this thirteenth-generation iPhone offers lightning-fast speed and responsiveness. Whether you're casually browsing the web, streaming videos, or running demanding apps, the iPhone 11 handles it all with ease. The chip not only ensures speedy responsiveness but also consumes less power, leading to extended battery life.

Photography Excellence:
Capture the world as you see it with the ultra-wide dual-camera system, a standout feature of the iPhone 11. The 12 MP rear camera array includes a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens, enabling you to capture breathtaking landscapes, group shots, and intricate close-ups. Features like portrait mode, depth control, and advanced bokeh effects ensure your photos always stand out from the crowd.

Built to Last:
With an IP68 water- and dust-resistant rating, the iPhone 11 is built to withstand the challenges of everyday life. It can endure being submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes, providing peace of mind even in unexpected situations. Please note that liquid damage is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Choose Your Grade and Color:
Select from a range of grades to find the perfect condition for your iPhone 11. Grade A, Pristine, offers a like-new product with no signs of use, while Grade B, Very Good, may exhibit a few light scratches but maintains excellent cosmetic condition. Grade C, Good, may have light scratches and signs of wear and tear, while Grade D, Fair, might feature deep scratches and dents. Choose the grade that aligns with your preferences and budget. The iPhone 11 is available in an array of striking colors, including Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, White, and Product (Red).

Certified Refurbished:
Our certified refurbished iPhone 11 models have undergone a stringent inspection and refurbishment process by experts to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. This guarantees you a device that performs at its best.

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24 July 2023

Device was immaculate

The device arrived promptly. The device was in immaculate condition with battery health @ 93%. Service was easy to use, polite and friendly.

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Izzy M
19 July 2023

Great experience

Beautiful device with good battery health. Brilliant service overall with speedy delivery. Thank you 😊

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17 June 2023

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis

Perfect experience, I bought an excellent condition Apple Watch Series 7 45 MM. It arrived with 2 days early delivery then expected with DPD. Perfect 100% battery life, and no damage and issues to the watch. Saved a lot of money here and i definitely recommend to anyone!

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25 June 2023

Highly recommend

I have bought from Loop Mobile several times and have never been disappointed.
A great product range, fast and efficient delivery.
I highly recommend Loop Mobile.

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03 May 2023

I 100% recommend!

Amazing company. I bought an iPhone Xs 64gb Gold Fair condition straight from their website. It came looking mint, aside from this one scratch on the screen although it was barely even noticeable. Just great, 100% recommended

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08 May 2023

Great service prompt delivery

What great service prompt delivery and all at an amazing price! The absolute icing on the cake being the quality of the phone.. immaculate - definitely buying from Loop again.

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Everything you need to know about
LOOP MOBILE and how it works.

How will my device be protected during the shipment ?

All our refurbished devices are shipped in their Loop-Mobile packaging. We quality check our packaging to offer great protection to your device in transit.

What accessories come with my device?

All our refurbished devices come with accessories including a cable and AC plug. These are compatible but not original to the manufacturer equipment.

What are our Grades

Our grades correspond to the state of external wear of our refurbished products. We have created a simplified and clear cosmetic classification system that precisely defines the grade of each device:

Pristine: like-new condition, flawless screen and body.

Very Good: Light scratches not visible at more than 12 inches. Screen may have light sign of wear, not visible when is in operation.

Good: Light but obvious scratches or dings visible on the screen and body.

Fair: Signs of use including potentially deep scratches and possible dents on the screen and body.

What is the battery health of my device?

We test all our batteries. They must reach at least 80% of their initial charging capacity to ensure the efficiency of your phone.

What is the warranty?

All our refurbished products have a 12 months warranty that covers all technical malfunctions but does not support accidental damage, water damage, loss or theft.

When will my order be dispatched?

All orders received before 1pm are shipped on the same day - You’ll receive your order before you know it! We use courier tracking numbers for every order, you will be able to follow your package from shipment to your door.

What is a refurbished device?

A refurbished device is a used device that has been tested and graded by our experts. We test 70 key features on each phone to provide you with the best quality.