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A New Face for Loop Mobile

We can agree; that no change is easy, yet the world is moving increasingly faster and faster. When we talk about change, we are referring to the frenetic and fast-changing environment in which we are immersed or, as the saying goes: to adapt or die. And at Loop Mobile, we are ready for it. Because of this, and mainly for you, we reaffirm our commitment to developing a new image. We improved our logo and other graphic elements; we also changed our creative direction and improved our customer service, thinking precisely about you and all those close to you.

What and how do we want to communicate through our new corporate image? We have improved, and that's why we keep focusing on our six main pillars of services to make you part of us and this experience, the Loop Mobile experience:


First of all, we are proud of the affordability of our products because anyone can buy them thanks to the wide variety of prices we have in our extensive catalog so imagine saving enough money to pay for a well-deserved vacation or a relaxing day at the spa.

On the other hand, we saw the need to create trust among our community, showcasing our devices, and showing the quality of our equipment thanks to the rigorous tests to which they are subjected, to get certified and sent to you.

loop mobile

Another important motivator of our brand is sustainability. We care enormously about our environment, and we are aware that the fast-growing tech industry of which we are part, is negatively impacting our planet. Our business model successfully reduces the carbon footprint on e-wastelands and encourages our community to do the same.

refurbished iphone 12

And because our community matters so much to us, we believe that humans come first, and technology is after us.  That is why we guarantee the reliability and accessibility of our brand to be closer to you, to be part of your daily life, and an ally of your finances because it is clear that by saving with our refurbished products you will be closer to acquiring those clothes you want so much, presents for your loved ones, or even be able to afford your day-to-day life; therefore we are fully focused on the community that you are part of, of which we are part with you, and believe that we can become a facilitator of information, opportunities and empowerment through digital platforms also creating a dialogue between our company and the customer, that is to say, that this transformation of our brand image represents a change to a new stage in which our priority is customer service and customer satisfaction aimed to the highest level of care.

loop mobile refurbished tech

Finally, at Loop Mobile, we take pride in making your shopping process a pleasant experience the buying process, and the use of technology because we care about making you feel at home. The experience of acquiring a Loop-certified refurbished device should be one of joy and seamlessness. 

 We can only say that we are deeply excited to introduce you to our new corporate image and brand identity, with a new logo and new human and empathetic processes that are better adapted to the growing digital environment and Loop Mobile's service philosophy to provide you with a better service, because the change is happening right now!