Dream Big on Your Next Adventure with Roxana x Loop Mobile

We have collaborated with one of our biggest solo traveller fans to create sustainable cases for your beloved smartphones.

Our inspiration

Our collaboration with Roxana is driven by a shared passion for sustainability. Through this, we aim to inspire eco-conscious choices by creating eco-friendly tech accessories.

At Loop, we're reusing phones by giving them a second life, and protecting them through these cases reducing consumption even further; meaning they stand to live an even longer life.

Roxana's journey of exploration and her commitment to making small changes align with our mission. Together, we work towards a more sustainable planet through innovative products like biodegradable phone cases.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

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Our sustainable practices in making these phone cases

  • Plastic-free

    Using eco-friendly materials, we have made sure no plastics were used in the creation of these cases

  • Biodegrarable

    Our cases naturally biodegrade 160 days after disposal

  • Ethical materials

    Made from PBAT and PLA plant polymer and bamboo fibres

Our partnership with Roxana

Our collaboration unites sustainability, fashion, and wanderlust. Together, we embark on a journey to redefine tech accessories with a strong commitment to protecting the planet. Roxanne's passion for purposeful travel and her dedication to making a difference align seamlessly with our mission to promote eco-conscious choices.

Join us on this adventure as we merge fashion, technology, and a love for the world into eco-friendly tech accessories.


Why partnering with Loop is important to Roxana

"The sinking islands in the Pacific Ocean serve as a stark reminder of our planet's vulnerability. Through my travels, I've witnessed the beauty and fragility of our world. Loop Mobile's commitment to sustainability resonates with me deeply, as they lead the way in reducing plastic waste with biodegradable phone cases."

"Loop Mobile and I share a common belief: that small changes can lead to a big impact. Traveling has taught me the importance of preserving our environment. Our partnership symbolizes our joint dedication to making sustainable choices, one tech accessory at a time."

-Roxana, 2024


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