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BLACK FRIDAY! Up to 20% OFF across the whole store

BLACK FRIDAY! Up to 20% OFF across the whole store

faq our devices

  • When will my order be dispatched?

    All orders received before 2pm (EST) are shipped on the same day - You’ll receive your order before you know it!We use courier tracking numbers for...
  • What does grade mean?

    Our grades define the cosmetic aspect of our refurbished products. We have created a simplified and clear cosmetic classification system that preci...
  • What can you expect from the battery?

    All our batteries are tested, we ensure that they reach at least 80% of their capacity.  
  • How devices are tested?

    Each device is individually tested by one of our technicians. We run a series of 70 tests to ensure your device is fully functional. 
  • What is a refurbished device by Loop?

    A refurbished device by Loop is a 2nd hand device. Your satisfaction is our priority, this is why all our devices have been tested and graded to me...